Our Expert Professional Consulting Services

Bring Our Experts To Your Business

 We have found that there is always a demand for top quality professional experts in all industries. This realization and the continued demand for our expertise and professional consulting services resulted in the launch & continued growth of the American Elite.

We provide your company with all the professional experts your company may need from any specific sub-segment of any industry.

In addition to many other services, we provide the following consulting services: 
1) Expert Healthcare Consulting Services 
2) Expert Business Consulting Services 
3) Forensic Case Management Services 
4) Professional Coaching Services 
5) Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Consulting Services 

Expert Healthcare Consulting Services 
In this category our services include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Healthcare Expert Witness Services 
  • Expert Healthcare Records Evaluation  
  • Patient Assessment Medical-Legal Case Review 
  • Focused Medical Terminology & Concept Education 
  • Healthcare Instruction & Training 
  • Healthcare Protocol Review 
  • Healthcare Accounting, Business, Marketing, Operations development and review 

Expert Business Consulting Services

In this category, our services include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Healthcare-Business Expert-Witness Services 
  • Healthcare-Business Consultation Services 
  • Healthcare-Real Estate Development Consultation 

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Consulting Services

We focus on providing medical and professional expertise through our vast network of professional licensed experts in all sub-specialties and fields of healthcare in order to serve the pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical, IVD, Companion Diagnostics,  biomedical devices as well as the neutroceutical industries.

Within these industries, our services include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Clinical Research Arrangement 
  • Research Protocol Implementation  
  • Difficult to Find Blood or Tissue Samples 
  • Medical Risk Assessment  
  • Clinical Evaluation Protocol Development 
  • Design Input Review 
  • Customer Inquiry Risk Assessment 
  • Medical Device Reporting Evaluation 
  • Scientific and Technical Assessment  
  • Formulation Review and Development 
  • Label Development 
  • Label Review 
  • Marketing Material Development and Review 

Forensic Case Management Services

Our Forensic Case Management Services include but are not limited to the following:   

  • Legal Case Review & Liability Assessment Consulting 
  • Legal Case Strategy Consulting 
  • Expert Witness Recruiting & Management 


Government & Non-Profit Operations Optimization & Efficiency

Our Services in this category include but are not limited to:

  • Operations Review and Efficiency
  • Job Description Review and Optimization Proposition
  • Cost Saving Analysis
  • Grant Proposal
  • Fund Raising Analysis and Program Development


We offer consulting for:
  • Start ups 

  • Small businesses 

  • Medium and large businesses 

  • Public and private companies 

  • Service companies 

  • Manufacturing companies 

  • Global companies

  • Companies across all industries 

  • Companies wanting to go public 

Past and present clients are our best form of advertising. Excellent references will be provided upon request.

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