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For a large company every decision over-time can have millions of dollars worth of consequence. What do you think the potential value of a timely feed-back, advice or suggestion from a top professional leader in your specific area of industry (that would change your decision for the better) would be? The answer is that it would have millions of dollars in value! 

Now you can have the top- tier expert professionals in any subset of sub-specialty within any industry join your team to help you make the best possible decisions! It could cost as little as $3000.00!What is the ROI (Return On Investment) on that $3000? 

The potential Return On the money ($3000.00) you spend for A thought-leader Recruit (R.O.A.R.)  for your company is in millions.

American Elite's expertise and niche is placing those key top-tier expert professional consultants and executives who are one of the leaders within their respective industries to serve as thought- leaders and advisers to your company!

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Transforming Companies With First-Class Expert Professional Executives & Sophisticated Talented Consultants!

We are a unique boutique recruiting & consulting firm in Los Angeles that recruits and represents the best expert professional executives & consultants globally. 

We specialize in serving all types of medium-large size companies across the various industries.

            You can either have us recruit you the ideal candidate for your full-time positions or instead of having to hire these expert consultants as full-time-employees, you can now hire them for the number of hours that you need them for your projects. The efficiency, cost-savings and the additional expertise that this capability offers your company, will grant your organization an unsurpassed competitive advantage over your competitors. We offer expert  professional executives & consultants in any of the most intricate subspecialties within the fields of:
1) Science & Engineering
2) Business & Administration
3) Healthcare & Wellness
4) Law & Forensics
5) Government & Non-Profit

The world changes constantly. It is extremely 
difficult for one individual to remain abreast of all the changes in any one segment of an industry. For companies to remain competitive or for legal teams to succeed, they need to have access to the best talent and expert professional consultants they can rely on. But identifying and recruiting such expert professionals is never easy. That's where our team of experts comes in. We are experts at recruiting the most qualified expert professionals & consultants for your needs. You can rely on our massive experience to help you succeed.

We are an Intellectual Human Capital Resource to Medium-Large Size Companies, Globally.

Our philosophy:
Each situation (and company) is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its specific goals. Custom solutions designed by expert professional consultants help your company take advantage of opportunities that can enhance your competitive edge. That's what we deliver to you.

Our commitment to results:
When we work with you, we roll-up our sleeves and become your business partner. Our success is measured by the success of your project. That's why we invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your projects on the right track. Whether you are a pharmaceutical, biomedical, neutroceutical or any other professional company, we are the only placement firm you need.

Our experience:
We know the challenges various types of businesses experience. Our expert professional consultants have the expertise and the experience to provide you with the answers you seek. They're expert professionals and academicians from all regions of the world and every industry you can imagine. All we need to know is your needs and we will have the right consulting team assembled to serve you with passion, competence and professionalism.

Our proposition:
Challenge us to support your company gain major scientific & professional competitive edge by recruiting first-class, top-tier leading experts such as heads of departments of major universities and hospitals to serve your company. We are talking about the most brilliant formidable experts in the world. These professionals are not looking for a job; they are happy where they are but because of our experience and the expertise that we posses we have the ability to attract them to your company.Their expertise and insights can transform your company’s direction and create your company millions of dollars on an annual basis.

The chances are that companies like yours are already utilizing consultants on a regular basis; but no other recruiting company comes even close to the caliber of expertise that we are able to place. Representing and placing these caliber experts that are the geniuses of the world is our nitsh. Placing these top tier professional leaders will help your company with an unsurpassed competitive edge; and this will translate to money and success.

Shouldn't you at least give us a chance and let us prove to you by results as to what we can do for your company?

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